Singleplayer & Multiplayer action filled with stunning visuals and great characters.

First Look at Our Game: Meltdown!

We’re very excited about our first title, Meltdown, an intense top-down action shooter featuring great characters, deadly enemies and lots of firepower. The game is now available for PC, MAC, iOS, Android and OUYA.


Meltdown is not a typical arcade shooter; it’s packed with tactical action that challenges you to go up against lethal enemies controlled by the advanced AI. You have the ability to crawl behind or vault over cover, roll away from danger and use both ranged and melee weapons to your advantage but beware, as the bots can use cover and hard points to dodge your bullets.

You can collect loot and power-ups. When an enemy bot is defeated he will leave behind loot consisting in coins, upgrade chips, mystery boxes or power-ups such as revive points, double damage buffs and nukes.

Co-Op Multiplayer

You can choose to play with your friends from anywhere thanks to the game’s cross-platform online co-op multiplayer capability that features dynamic drop-in/drop-out.

Invite one or more friends to join your current play session or join them at any time to lend a hand in a difficult boss-battle. Just keep in mind that your enemy’s difficulty automatically adapts to the number and skills of the players.

Endless Adventure

In Meltdown, you assume the role of Zed, a former marine working alone on a private mining station located on Charon, one of Pluto’s moons. When the AI controlling the station goes haywire he is trapped and must find his way to safety.

During the course of the adventure, you will face deadly bots, each with its own unique abilities, instructed by the AI to destroy you. The game features randomly-generated levels, dotted with new challenges and enemies at every turn.

Massive Arsenal

Gear-up and wipe out the enemy bots using powerful upgradable weapons such as machineguns, long range sniper revolvers, grenade launchers, shockers, plasma cutters, medium range flamers and shotguns or short range melee knives, axes and chainsaws.

However, choose your arsenal wisely since Zed can only carry a restricted amount of ammo – two ranged weapons and one melee weapon. Your weapons have limited ammo and they overheat so you will have to switch between them during a mission.

Screenshots & Concept Art

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